BMT Conference in Duisburg

This fall, eleven members of Kiel University visited the 57th DGBMT Annual Conference on Biomedical Engineering, BMT 2023. This years’ edition took place overlapping with the international symposium on visual prosthetics, Artificial Vision, in the Mercatorhall Duisburg in the Rhein-Ruhr region in Northrhine-Westphalia from the 26. – 28.09.2023. Over 500 participants handed were present, taking part in more than 250 talks and large poster sessions with 189 conference papers published in the conference proceedings. We presented ten talks in a two-part session on "Magnetoelectric Sensor Systems for Biomedical Applications".

The resonance for these sessions was quite good and we were able to present a broad range of the topics of our research. Felix (A9) and Lukas (A2) presented some innovations of the sensor development, while Henrik (B1) gave insight into his novel PCB coil design for sensor calibration. The application projects were represented by Johannes (B9) and Erik (B10) and Moritz (B2) and Tobias presented approaches relevant for a possible new CRC project related to hand tracking. Furthermore, Mohammad (B7) and Rahil could enlighten the audience with interesting explanations revolving around magnetic nanoparticles and Eric (Z2) elaborated on a pilot study regarding the feasibility of ME sensors for non-cryogenic magnetocardiography. Furthermore, Eric was elected to be one of the three chairmen of the "Fachausschuss Magnetische Methoden in der Medizin".

Besides our own contributions, we took part in many different talk sessions, participated in the poster sessions and were inspired by keynotes on a variety of subjects. Another noteworthy session revolved around several award-winning PhD-theses, during which Eric was able to present his thesis work. Some of us also took part in the Young Forum on the 25.09. during which students, PhDs and postdocs had the opportunity for further networking, interesting presentations (among others by Gerhard), workshops and a joint boat trip. Overall, we had a great time with many opportunities for inspiring discussions and to establish new contacts around this conference.