Service of Kiel University

eLabFTW is an electronic lab notebook (ELN) tool that provides a user-friendly platform for researchers to organise and manage their laboratory data, experiments, and results. It is designed to improve the efficiency and transparency of laboratory work by allowing researchers to record, store, and access their data electronically, in real-time, from any location. By utilising eLabFTW, you can streamline your laboratory workflows, increase productivity, and ensure the reproducibility and integrity of your results. More information can be found in the official service description.


You can find the central eLabFTW instance of Kiel University at: https://elabftw.uni-kiel.de/

To log in, select the LDAP option and provide your user identifier or email and corresponding CIM password. This will allow you to access the eLabFTW instance and begin using it for your laboratory work. If you have any questions or issues with accessing the instance, please don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance.


Access is open to all employees and students. To gain access, please follow these steps:

  1. Ensure that your user identifier is registered with CAU Identity Management (CIM). If you are part of the Technical Faculty, there’s a chance your identifiers and email addresses might not be in our CIM records. In such cases, complete the request form (Form No. 1) to apply for a user account in our CIM.

  2. Fill out the access request form (Form No. 32) to apply for access to eLabFTW.

The service can only be accessed from the university network. Therefore, a VPN connection is required for connections from locations outside the university (e.g., from home).