CAU-Cloud Sync & Share

Service of Kiel University Active

The CAU-Cloud Sync & Share provides storage for exchanging and processing files with collaboration partners.

You can find the CAU-Cloud at:


The CAU-Cloud Sync & Share service is not intended to automatically incorporate high-frequency data, e.g., by a measuring device writing data to the cloud at high-frequency. The cloud’s versioning mechanism cannot handle the high-frequency changes.


There are several options for accessing the CAU-Cloud:

  • Web Interface: Access the CAU-Cloud from anywhere with an internet connection by logging in to the web interface.

  • Sync Client: For local access, install the sync client on your computer and keep your files up-to-date between devices.

  • Network Share: Connect to the CAU-Cloud network share to access your files directly from your computer.

  • Mobile Client: On the go? Use the mobile client to access the CAU-Cloud from your smartphone or tablet.


Access is permitted for all employees and students.

For more information, see the computing centre’s official service information.