Service of Kiel University

The CAU Kiel computer centre offers a GitLab instance. You can find the CRC 1261 repositories in our project group at:


For more information, see the computing centre’s official service information and instructions for group administrators.


  • The size of a repository is limited to 20 GB (including history).

  • By default, projects can only be shared privately and internally. Public sharing requires a request to the computing centre.

  • External users cannot directly obtain an account in GitLab RZ CAU.

  • Publishing a repository may also have data protection implications, e.g., if students have contributed and personal data about the profiles is published.

  • Moreover, GitLab RZ CAU is not a universal storage solution!

General recommendations

  • Organise your project-specific repositories within a project subgroup of the CRC group. Creating a subgroup for your project will help keep your repository and project-related resources organized and easily accessible. If there is no group for your subproject, you may create one.

  • Only repositories that remain under 20 GB including history are manageable. Care should be taken to ensure that no unnecessarily large files are versioned.

  • Care should be taken with large files. For managing large files in your repository, consider alternative solutions such as Git-annex, DataLad or Git LFS, as they offer more advanced features for handling large datasets and provide better control over versioning and storage.


It’s a good idea to use the GitLab RZ CAU to manage your repositories. Just keep in mind that public repositories are only allowed for Kiel University institutions and publication must be requested. This means that some external users might not be able to access certain features, like issues, because they can’t register. To get more people involved and make your work easier to find, you can mirror your repositories to a public GitHub repository. This will give your work more visibility and help people reuse it.