External Service

GitHub is a web-based platform that provides hosting for software development and version control using Git. It is widely used by developers, software companies, and open-source communities to manage and share their code. GitHub also offers a variety of tools and features for collaboration, such as pull requests, issues, and wikis, making it a popular platform for team-based software development. Beyond code, GitHub can also be used for non-technical projects, such as writing and research, as it allows for easy sharing and collaboration on documents and files. Overall, GitHub is a powerful tool for communities and individuals to share and work on projects together.

You can find the CRC 1261 GitLab group at:


To allow external contributions, increase visibility and improve discoverability, GitLab RZ CAU repositories can be mirrored (upstreamed) to a public GitHub repository. This allows for better exposure and can enhance the reuse of the publication.



Access is only permitted for members of CRC1261 and must be requested.

To get write access, an (external) user account must be set up on GitHub.