Kiel-Medellín Magnetic Swallowing Assessment Database

This dataset was created as part of the magnetic motion analysis project (B9) of the CRC 1261 located in Kiel, Germany with our cooperation partners from the Universidad de Antioquia and Instituto Tecnologico Metropolitano in Medellin, Colombia. It features 33 preprocessed swallowing signals of three healthy subjects recorded with commercial magnetoimpedance sensors and novel permanent magnet cantilever actuators created by Fraunhofer Institute for Silicon Technology (ISIT).

All measurements were approved by the ethics committee of Kiel University (File number: A122/20) and conducted in accordance with the Declaration of Helsinki.



Below you can find examples of the preprocessed recordings.



Measurement Setup

Sensors and Actuators

The setup used one MI sensor (Aichi Steel MI-CB-1DJ) and up to two body-worn cantilever actuators.

Single cantilever experiment: 27 signals

For each of the three subjects, we recorded three trials with saliva, water and yogurt.

Dual cantilever experiment: 6 signals

For a single subject, we recorded six trials with water only.


The real-time software KiRAT, which was developed by the Digital Signal Processing and System Theory (DSS) group, was used for sensor readout. Preprocessing was done offline with MATLAB.



You can download the preprocessed signals including a basic loading script (in MATLAB) here.