Finished Bachelor and Master Thesis



Person Topic Thesis type Involved projects
Johannes Schütt Analysis and Measurement of an IQ Demodulation Circuit for a Sensing Application Bachelor A4



Person Topic Thesis type Involved projects
Ralf Burgardt Implementation of a Real-time System for Heart-rate-variability-based Disease Classification Master B10
Rahil Radfar Interleukin-6 Responsive Multifunctional Magnetopolymer Composites for Biomedical Applications Master B12(N)
Jennifer Busmann Metrological Evaluation of JFETs with Regard to Their Suitability in Low-noise Charge Amplifiers Bachelor B1
Louis Joswig Experimental Investigation of Distance-dependent Signal Strength of Dynamic Processes in Magnetic Nanoparticles Bachelor A8, B1
Sven Scheffler Construction of a Control Loop for the Excitation Circuit of a MEMS Bending Beam Sensor Bachelor A4
Johannes Voigt Circuit and Algorithm for Automated Readout of MEMS Bending Beam Sensors Master A4
Md Mahmudul Hasan Development of a Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) Delay Line Device for Magnetic Field Sensing Based on Epitaxial Al0.77Sc0.23N thin film on Sapphire (Al2O3) Master A9
Negar Hosseinimanesh Simulation and Characterization of Magnetic Field MEMS Sensors with Monolithically Integrated Permanent Magnets Master A5, Z1
Luis Ignacio Araos Acharán Gradiometer Setup for Differentiation of Two Types of Magnetic Nanoparticles Bachelor A8, B1
Lena Hilf Gummy Bears Against Cancer: Producing Artificial Tumor Microenvironments with a Centrifuge-based Microencapsulation Device Bachelor B7
Florian Max Magnetic Particle Detection using Magnetoelectric Sensors Bachelor B7



Person Topic Thesis type Involved projects
Tjorben Lerg Design and Implementation of an Adaptive 3D Characterization for Magnetic Sensors Master B2
Ralf Burgardt Calibration and Equalizing of Magnetoelectric Sensors Bachelor B9
Jan Malte Domnowski Simultaneous ECG and MKG Segmentation Bachelor B10
Ahmad Mahmoud Model-based Extraction of Generalized Body Movements from Optical Motion Data Master B9
Moath Al-Mobaideen Real-Time ECG and MCG Peak Detection Using Derivatives and Thresholds Master B10
Moritz Boueke Model-based Tracking of Magnetic Sensor Gloves in Real Time Master B2, B9
Michael Heise Towards In-body Localisation of a Medical Instrument Using MEMS Magnetic Field Sensors Bachelor A4
Marlene Markus Fabrication and Material Analysis of FeCoSiB From Different Manufactures Bachelor A1
Frederik Söding Investigation of the Distribution of Film Thickness and Magnetic Anisotropy of Thin Film FeCoSiB Deposited by Magnetron Sputtering Bachelor A1



Person Topic Thesis type Involved projects
Patricia Fuchs Design and Implementation of a Magnetic Determination of the Heart Axis Bachelor B10
Moritz Boueke Human Movement Classification using IMUs in Real-time Bachelor B9
Helke Marie Pfahler Design and Implementation of a Realtime-Algorithm for the Magnetic Determination of the Respiratory Rate Master B10
Alexander Staffa Development and Evaluation of a Digital Readout Scheme for ME Sensors Master Z2
Jessie Grewe Signal Enhancement based on Blind Source Separation for Magnetic Sensor Signals Master B2
Muhammedül-Emin Yurdakul Modeling and Realization of a Low-noise Current Source for the Generation of Bias Fields for SAW Sensors Master B1
Frederick Söding Investigation of the Film Thickness and Magnetic Anisotropy Distribution of Thin Film FeCoSiB Deposited by Cathode Sputtering Bachelor A1
Nicolas Hayen X-ray Diffraction Studies on Magnetostrictive and Piezoelectric Components for Biomagnetic Sensors Master A1, A5, A6
Klaas Zöllner Characterization of the Current-reuse Amplifier Circuits of the EMALP018 by Simulation and Measurement Bachelor A4



Person Topic Thesis type Involved projects
Konstantinos Karatziotis Human Movement Simulation based on Stochastic Processes in Real-time Bachelor B9
Yasin Akbaba Real-time Phase and Amplitude Demodulation for Evaluation of Magnetoelastic Cantilever Sensors Master B1
Jakob Horn Deposition Methods for the Production of Ferromagnetic Thin Films Based on Different Cathode Sputtering Variants Master A1
Hussein Al-Nedjefi An Overview of Deep Brain Stimulation and Future Therapeutic Potential Master T1
Johannes Voigt Characterization of MEMS Bending Beam Sensors with Piezoelectric Readout Interface Bachelor A4