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PhD and Postdoc Positions

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Postdoc Position

Electrically Modulated Magnetoelectric Sensors

As a researcher in the subproject A7 you will investigate a novel magnetoelectric sensor concept based on converse magnetoelectric effect and inductive read-out. Your responsibilities will include conceptualization, design, and micro-/nanosystem fabrication in the Kiel Nanolaboratory cleanroom facility. In close collaboration with other subprojects of the CRC, you will perform the functional characterization of the fabricated magnetoelectric sensors (e.g. sensitivity, noise, detection limit, bandwidth, dynamics) and bring them to application. For more information see the PDF link.

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Administrative Positions

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Hiwi Positions (Student Jobs)

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Hiwi job Design and creation of circuits for the evaluation of individual electronic components, realization of specialized measurement setups Pdf link