Support Programs for Female Scientists

Women scientists are leading ground-breaking research across the world. But despite their remarkable discoveries, women still represent just 30 % of researchers globally, and their work rarely gains the recognition it deserves. Only 3 % of Nobel Prizes for science have ever been awarded to women, and only 11 % of senior research roles are held by women in Europe.

In the science disciplines that are contrituing to our CRC the numbers are even lower. As a consequence we would like to encourage female scientiest to look for interesting perspectives in our CRC. Below you can find some options, how this can be achieved in practice.


Magnetic Detection of Old Ammunition in the Sea

The task and goal of the project is to develop a prototype for the detection of ammunition on the seabed of the Baltic Sea. The earth's magnetic field is to be used for this purpose. With the help of magnetic sensors, deviations of the local magnetic field from the earth's magnetic field can be measured and evaluated and thus potential ammunition containers can be detected.

Due to the low proportion of women in MINT courses, the CRC 1261 would like to specifically support young women in this area and show them new ways and possibilities of how to tackle exciting research questions in the field of magnetoelectric sensor technology. Therefore, the project is only accessible to female scientists.

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