CRC Coordination

The objectives of the CRC 1261: Biomagnetic Sensing are the research and development of different magnetoelectric sensor concepts with a special focus on high sensitivity at biomagnetic frequencies and their evaluation and application in medicine.

As the speaker of the CRC, Gerhard Schmidt is responsible for scientific and budget issues and coordinates steering board meetings, retreats, and other CRC-related topics.

As financial coordinator, Boris Kirchhof-Gudschun oversees the CRC budgets and is responsible for invoices and billing.

As scientific coordinators, Mona Stölting (currently on parental leave) and Felix Heute plan and organize CRC events like retreats, field trips and monthly colloquia. They are also responsible for the Integrated Research Training Group (IRTG) of the CRC. This includes organization of IRTG workshops and courses, the financial coordination of the IRTG and evaluation of research and qualification plans.

As a Data Steward, Thorge Petersen supports the development of local requirements for data management in the CRC and the integration into the NFDI-MatWerk consortium as well as the establishment of material science data management solutions based on the existing central infrastructures at Kiel University.


CRC coordinators
Boris Kirchhof-Gudschun
CRC coordination
Financial coordiation of the CRC
Thorge Petersen
CRC coordination
Research data management of the CRC
Gerhard Schmidt
CRC coordination
Spokesperson of the CRC
Mona Stölting
CRC coordination
Scientific coordination of the CRC