In order to find the locations of our talks, retreats, and demos easily here a couple of maps are provided. Click on the corresponding picture or link and a detailed map based on open street view as well as some details on the location will open.

If you are planing to join one of our events we encourage all to move together to the corresponding place. To coordinate traveling please contact Mona Stölting for details.

If you think that a certain map is missing, please contact us. We will add it soon.




Colloquiums and Events

Available maps
Wissenschaftszentrum Kiel
Fraunhoferstraße 13
24118 Kiel



Available maps
Nordsee Akademie Leck
Flensburger Straße 18
25917 Leck
Akademie Sankelmark
Akademieweg 6
24988 Oeversee (district Sankelmark)