Project A6 - Microstructure and Structural Change of Magnetoelectric and Piezotronic Sensors

Magnetoelectric (ME) sensors for ultralow magnetic fields display complex phenomena due to their magnetic and crystallographic structure that determine their function as components of novel sensor systems with a focus on magnetic multilayer, piezotronic and surface acoustic wave (SAW) sensors. Diverse materials systems are targeted for the development of advanced analytical methods in order to elucidate these properties on multiscales and with excellent resolution and precision. A6 focuses on the complementary characterization techniques of transmission electron microscopy (TEM) and synchrotron-based X-ray scattering techniques (XRD) to meet these requirements. Using both methods, we can target our studies to investigate the structure and strain in one or in both components of ME sensors from fabrication to operation. Previously, we have focused on crystalline components. In this funding period, we intend to establish a novel methodological combination for amorphous magnetostrictive (multi)layers linking synchrotron-based pair distribution analyses with complementary electron diffraction and X-ray spectroscopy (EDX) techniques in close cooperation with the project partners from A1. Thus, in addition to crystalline information crucial for designing best quality ME sensors, atomic and magnetic structure and composition can also be interrelated for the amorphous components delivering valuable input to project A10 for a model-based structure-property description of the sensors. Moreover, the impact of heat treatment as the essential processing parameter on short-range ordering and magnetic properties will be analyzed via combined in situ XRD and TEM. Together with projects A5 and A9 crystalline piezomaterials (e.g. AlScN, GaN, ZnO) as components of novel SAW- and ΔE sensors for piezotronic readout are examined for understanding the strain behavior on multiscales and in 3D, e.g. by coherent X-ray diffraction imaging (CXDI). Particularly challenging are the envisaged combined methodological developments for new experiments of in situ electron microscopy and in operando X-ray scattering, like X-ray ptychography and atomic resolution TEM imaging techniques. These experiments require the development of novel devices for in situ straining and operando measurement in magnetic field (nano-XRD). Fewand single layer transition metal dichalcogenides (TMD) and TMD-based heterostructures (project A5 and external cooperation with D.C. Johnson from University Oregon) will be probed for their mechanoelectrical properties in situ and their application as piezotronic components of novel sensors. The ultimate goal of our research is to identify real-structure property relations and by that rules for the synthesis and design of tailor-made materials for highly sensitive and low noise ME sensors.


Involved Researchers

Person Role
Dr. Bridget Murphy
Interface Physics
Project lead
Prof. Dr. Lorenz Kienle
Materials Science
Synthesis and Real Structure
Project lead
M. Sc. Otto Lippmann
Interface Physics
PhD student
Dr.-Ing. Niklas Wolff
Materials Science
Synthesis and Real Structure
Postdoc researcher


Role within the Collaborative Research Centre

The unique combination of synchrotron based techniques and atomically resolved electron microscopy enables us to analyze the piezotronic devices (A5) as well as the multilayer materials from A1 on all relevant length scales, ex situ, in situ and operando. A6 develops new and advanced examination methods in close collaboration with these projects. Moreover, A6 establishes the competence center for advanced nanoanalytical research within the CRC. In order to identify new scientifically demanding tasks which cannot be foreseen at the present date, A6 also provides preliminary examinations for several other projects, particularly A2, A7, A9, A10 and Z1. Additional characterization of samples that is not part of the work packages will be performed by permanent staff, e.g. of the TEM center (Dr. Schürmann). Scheduled tasks are at the moment:

A1 (Magnetostrictive Multilayers for Magnetoelectric Sensors) Investigation of nanoscale structure properties of various multilayer systems.
A2 (Hybrid Magnetoelectric Sensors based on Mechanically Soft Composite Materials) Nanoscale analysis of sensor components.
A5 (Piezotronic Magnetoelectric Composites) Strain and structure in piezotronic devices.
A7 (Electrically Modulated Magnetoelectric Sensors) Structural characterization of piezoacoustic and magnetostrictive components, e.g. AlScN, FeCoSiB.
A9 (Surface Acoustic Wave Magnetic Field Sensors) Structural characterization of piezoacoustic and magnetostrictive components, e.g. AlScN, FeCoSiB.
A10 (Magnetic Noise of Magnetoelectric Sensors) Input of morphological parameters for description of suitable submodels.
Z1 (MEMS Magnetoelectric Sensor Fabrication) Advanced characterization of sensor materials to improve fabrication technology.


Project-related Publications

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