Connectomic Deep Brain Stimulation



Presenter: Prof. Dr. Cameron D. McIntyre
Title: Connectomic Deep Brain Stimulation
Affiliation: Duke University, Durham, NC, USA
Date: 08.06.2023
Time: 17:00 h
Place: online (zoom link)


Contents of the Talk

Deep brain stimulation (DBS) has been a successful clinical therapy, primarily used to treat movement disorders, for over 30 years. In attempts to expand the clinical indications for DBS, as well as improve outcomes from the therapy, a major focus of present day DBS research is in the development of patientspecific MRI-based surgical targeting strategies for electrode placement. This work is leveraging advances in both anatomical and diffusion-weighted imaging to provide patient-specific connectomic maps of the brain networks being modulated by DBS, which are helping to elucidate optimal stimulation strategies for different disorders. This talk will highlight how these new computational imaging tools are being created and used to improve the clinical application of DBS for a wide range of indications, including depression and Parkinson’s disease.


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