Project IRTG - Integrated Research Training Group

The Collaborative Research Centre (CRC) 1261 pursues two main objectives: the realization of excellent scientific research and the provision of an exceptional educational experience for young researchers which will prepare them for their next career steps. To achieve the latter, the Integrated Research Training Group (IRTG) promotes scientific independence and interdisciplinary training of all early stage researchers including postdoctoral researchers within the CRC. The IRTG education program further fosters key qualifications, including the competencies required in today’s scientific communities. It imparts knowledge beyond the general approach of the CRC.

Given the highly interdisciplinary research objectives, one central aim of the IRTG is to support the direct communication between the projects of the CRC at the doctoral researcher level. By providing all relevant scientific, methodical, and organizational background right from the start, the IRTG members quickly get acquainted with their individual projects and the topic of the CRC with the IRTG supporting them in the timely completion of their projects and theses. Team-based supervision of the doctoral researcher guarantees a targeted interdisciplinary education.

The objectives are further pursued with activities for peer-based knowledge transfer, regular interdisciplinary student-only seminars, lab visits at the different research groups involved in the CRC, field trips to other research institutions, the invitation of guest scientists, participation at conferences and summer schools, regularly scheduled retreats as well as participation in public outreach activities as an integral part of the IRTG. The doctoral researchers are responsible for the planning and organization of these important activities. Moreover, compulsory external research stays are a key element of the educational measures of the CRC.

Furthermore, skills and knowledge to improve the abilities of the doctoral researchers to meet future opportunities not only in the academic sector but also on the non-academic job market are provided within the IRTG. For this, the existing institutions at Kiel University offer a large variety of lectures, workshops, and general courses. IRTG members can further broaden their knowledge by means of special courses arranged and organized by the IRTG. As gender equality measures, a mix of CRC-organized and existing University courses is offered.

As an important element, together with the Scientific Outreach Project (SOP) of the CRC, a formal evaluation process is used for continually monitoring and steering the measures of the IRTG.

Supporting the doctoral researchers to achieve their scientific research goals, the provision of an exceptional educational experience for young researchers and preparing them for their next career steps is at the heart of the IRTG.


Involved Researchers

Person Role
Prof. Dr. Martina Gerken
Electrical Engineering
Integrated Systems and Photonics
Project lead
Prof. Dr. Walter Maetzler
Project lead
Prof. Dr. Jeffrey McCord
Materials Science
Nanoscale Magnetic Materials
Project lead